Shapes -Room booking system


Reimagining the way people book rooms.

A gentle reminder for those who forget about the joys of life.

Shapes is a booking app that started as a side-project within the design and development teams at Making Waves. Over the course of two months the teams collaborated closely to create a unique booking app.


01 - Process & role

I conducted a workshop with the group, to pin-point the main features we needed to develop for MVP:
・Book a room
・Free the room when left unused
・"Nudge" a person to leave a booked room, if they were not the intended user

After the initial interviews and insights gathering, I worked on the UX of the app. The idea was to create a typographic visual style, so I started the wireframes with the visuals in mind.

Instant_booking_free now Copy 6
Instant_booking_free now Copy 16
Instant_booking_free now Copy 13

02 - Results

The team had a lot of fun experimenting with layouts and colours, and we even managed to build a working prototype lamp, which is used to indicate the status of the booking inside each room. The user is also able to play a sound to notify a person inside the room that it´s time to leave (or if they are occupying it without booking).

Group 7
Group 6
Group 5


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A work in progress site built with love and occasional anxiety.

A work in progress site built with love and occasional anxiety.