A brand with a mission: clean air for everyone.
Blueair is a leading global air purifier brand. 
Our challenge was to set them apart in a segment considered of low interest. 
The branding concept is that of creating a positive movement, grounded in optimism and enhancement. Moving away from the typical threatening communication strategies of the competitors, Blueair focuses on showcasing benefits, with an empowering and positive approach.

Work done at Seventy Agency.
Together with a fantastic multidisciplinary team,  I worked as strategic designer and art director throughout the entire project. Collaborating with strategists, copywriters and digital experts, we created a brand proudly rooted in Swedish heritage, but with a global reach and appeal.

Working closely with the client, the team and I defined the brand visual language in all its touch-points and segments. I was also involved in creating extensive guidelines and photo briefs, setting the tone not only for the brand, but also its different product categories.
The rebrand went live globally and it's rolling out in all touch-points under 2018. 
I worked on its development and applications on media such as packaging design, editorial and ads layout, helping creating a truly seamless experience across all channels.

The visual language together with a unique tone of voice manages to strike a hard balance: 
the brand had to feel premium, but not luxurious. It had to be positive but not playful, and convey knowledge and trust without sounding pretentious and boring.

The palette choice refers directly to the iconic Swedish aurora nights, with hues of green and cyan, on a dark blue background. These cold colours are then supported by warmer tones, so vivid during the long summer days.

Imagery is used in a way so to represent not only Sweden as heritage, but also to showcase the benefits of breathing clean air. Inspirational images portray people enjoying doing what they love most: spending time in nature, being physically active or simply relax in good company.
Supporting branding images depict the beauty of Swedish nature, in all its ways.


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