A gentle reminder for those who forget about the joys of life.
This project was done as entry exam for Hyper Island. The task given was to identify a problem in my daily life and to create a solution for it. There were no restrictions for this, only that this life hack had to be digital based.
In order to define an issue in my day-to-day routine, I started out by mapping out my day. I took a bad day as example, for more chances of finding a wide range of emotions and consequently a good place to start exploring. Some things I found out could have been solved by already existing solutions, or some were just not hindering enough for me to develop a concept around.

But the more I stared at my journey, the more I realised that my problem was an overarching one:
the depression I had at the time. Though a mild one, it still touched everything I saw, felt and thought. When it stroke I mostly saw obstacles and every free moment I had, I filled it with negative thoughts. 
I asked myself "how can I break this negative vicious circle?".
I noticed that in some parts of my day I'm most receptive than others. And this is where I wanted the solution to focus on, by breaking the negative thoughts and inspiring new, better ones. 

Subjects with light to mild depression can strive to help themselves by doing the following (among other things):
-  Practicing self-care
-  Connecting with people
-  Staying active

This is easier said than done, since in the rush of life I forget about these small things I can do to improve the quality of my everyday. But what if I don't have to consciously remind myself? Can someone, something remind me of the good things in life?

I designed a chat bot concept called Tomo. The name is short for the Japanese word for friend, tomodachi.
The bot works by sending gentle reminders at strategically chosen times, by connecting with my location and by getting to know me and my habits. 

By integrating with other apps such as Life Cycle (activity tracker) or Soon (a digital bucket list), Tomo can know what events are happening in town, or what restaurants to suggest me. As for the backstage, I envisioned therapists and copywriters behind the app at first, teaching an AI how to talk to people with depression.

Thinking about main features for it to be friction free for me, I wanted the app to have the following:
- customisable interests
- integration with already existing apps
- possibility to edit the frequency of the bot interaction
- possibility to ignore the bot with no consequence

In a world full of stimuli, I sometimes forget about the important things that make me happy, when I most need it. This simple device could help me (and maybe others!) to slow down and focus. 
All I need is to listen to that reminder. Now, or maybe later.


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